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What’s telehealth?

Telehealth is health care performed via video call or phone call instead of face-to-face in a clinic. Telehealth’s an excellent option if you’re time poor or can’t physically get to the clinic.

How does telehealth Osteopathy work?

Your Osteopath consults with and treats you via video call or phone call, instead of in- person. We provide qualified, professional consultation and diagnosis to manage and minimise your pain.

During your telehealth appointment…

  • we take a full history of your pain condition, including past medical history and any medications
  • we discuss your typical weekly activity
  • we ask how your pain behaves, what treatments you’ve already had and your goals for physical improvement in the future (from modest to ambitious)
  • we ‘physically examine’ you in two ways, the same as if you were in our clinic: we observe your posture and watch you perform some simple movements
  • we diagnose you or assess your progress (if you’re a continuing patient)
  • we’re able to assess if your condition needs further hands-on or medical examination such as radiology or pathology
  • we provide you with a treatment plan or adjust your existing treatment plan if necessary
  • we suggest modification of any activities that may be aggravating your problem
  • we customise treatment techniques for you to perform at home, and provide videos and direct you to other free resources

What are the benefits of using a telehealth Osteopathy service?

  • you don’t have to come to the clinic—perfect if you have limited or restricted mobility

  • you avoid exposure to viruses such as COVID-19 or seasonal influenzas

  • your Osteopath has access to your medical file exactly as they would in a face-to-face appointment

  • in most cases, your Osteopath diagnoses your condition (or assesses your progress) as if you were in their clinic

  • if radiology, pathology or a hands-on examination is required, your Osteopath is fully qualified to refer you to other medical professionals who provide these services

What CAN’T be done via telehealth?

Hands-on examinations, hands-on treatments, radiology and pathology can’t be performed via telehealth.

Are telehealth appointments covered by Medicare or my private health insurance?

Telehealth appointments are currently not covered by Medicare or private health insurers.

I can’t do video calls. Can telehealth be done by phone?

Yes, simply book an appointment online with Ali, Tom or Nia, and they’ll call you back at your appointment time. It’s that easy.

Is telehealth the same as telemedicine?

‘Telehealth’ and ‘telemedicine’ both mean the delivery of healthcare via video call, phone call, or other digital communication (most commonly by computer). In Australia, telehealth is the more widely used term.

Why is it important to use a telehealth service?

  • When you’re unable to attend our clinic in person, there’s absolutely no need to suffer pain without relief.

  • In a telehealth appointment, you receive exactly the same level of care as with in- person appointments, minus any hands-on treatment.

  • You receive our qualified advice, plus invaluable resources to manage your pain or maintain your treatment program.

  • When you’re at risk of pain you need extra support, reassurance and encouragement to protect, improve and maintain your well-being.

  • Your pain management is our priority, especially if you’re required to work from home in an increasingly stressful situation.

  • We teach you how to self-manage your pain until you’re able to see us in person.

  • We can also advise you on best-practice home workplace ergonomics.

How much does a telehealth appointment cost?

Initial telehealth appointment Duration 40 minutes
Fee $100

Follow-up telehealth appointment Duration 30 minutes
Fee $75

Due to COVID-19 ‘Stay Home’ guidelines for healthcare services, we’ve made all appointments, including telehealth, slightly shorter than usual. All of our COVID-19 ‘Stay Home’ appointment prices have been revised to reflect this.