About Our Team

Who are our Osteopaths?

Dr Alison Simmons

(Clinic Owner/Manager and Principal Osteopath)

Express Osteo
(existing patients) $130
Classic Osteo $175
Initial or Long appointment $230

Before becoming an Osteopath, Alison had a successful but unsatisfying career in London’s finance and banking sector, where work-life stress was rife. The connection between health, stress and pain couldn’t be ignored. Alison changed career directions in 1999 and found her purpose as an Osteopath.

Alison worked in a number of UK osteopathy practices and ran her own clinic before moving to Canberra in 2012 where she established Well Adjusted Osteopathy. With around two decades of experience and a Princess Anne Award for Professional Capability under her belt, Alison is our Principal Osteopath and team leader. By establishing Well Adjusted Osteopathy, Alison created her dream career—helping to transform her patients’ lives while raising her two daughters in a beautiful location.

As a practitioner, Ali has a strong interest in helping patients with chronic pain as well as patients who may have experienced adverse childhood events. 

Ali’s preferred treatment method—due to its effectiveness—is personalised, individually-tailored, holistic body-mind osteopathy. By combining evidence-based techniques—such as muscle energy techniques, massage, joint mobilisation, cranial osteopathy, vibrational medicine, dry needling, NLP, hypnotherapy and sound therapy—Alison delivers total body treatment with strong medical backing to identify your physical and/or emotional trauma and assist in improving your pain and mobility problems. 

Ali’s treatments are designed to provide longer-lasting positive outcomes. In her deeply personalised sessions, you’ll experience mind-body restoration and alignment through extended, ‘adjust-align-reset-restore’ osteopathy techniques that are the foundation of Ali’s practice at Well Adjusted Osteopathy. With Ali, your total body treatment becomes a two-way process between you and Ali. Your extended treatment time allows Ali to focus her calm, experienced, healing energy—utilising one or several of the wide range of evidence-based, holistic treatment techniques she’s qualified to offer. Ali’s Deep Alignment Osteopathy can’t be rushed. To deliver uninterrupted treatments, Ali offers 60-minute appointments, with shorter appointments only available to existing patients in special cases.

Alison undertakes regular professional development to ensure you receive the most effective and proven treatments possible and can also propose such aids as prescription heel raises if required.  

Alison’s focus is mind-body wellness—aiming to restore your body to its healthiest state and eliminating stresses and strains before dis-ease arises or recurs. She firmly believes our bodies function at an optimal level when given a healthy environment—including improved circulatory and drainage systems, muscle tone, flexibility, and function. 

If you’re looking for a practitioner who’ll treat you in a safe, judgement-free space, who understands trauma and the impact it has on physical and mental health and knows that sometimes it’s hard just getting through the day, Ali may be the practitioner you’ve been looking for.

  • Bachelor of Osteopathy, University of Osteopathy
  • British Medical Acupuncture Society qualified Western Medical Acupuncturist
  • Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy
  • OldPain2Go® Certified Practitioner
  • Princess Anne Award for Professional Capability
  • Osteopathy Australia member
  • Sound Therapy, Vibrational Medicine: The healing power of sound, Atman Academy, UK
  • Implementing Trauma: Informed Practice, Heal 4 Life Foundation
  • Trauma Counselling component, Diploma in Clinical Hypno Counselling, Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Australia)
  • Explain Pain and Explore Pain, Noi Group
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) registered

Dr Tom Eastman

(Senior Osteopath)

Classic Osteo $140

Initial or Long Appointment $180

Tom’s our fitness nut. Before becoming an Osteopath, he worked in multiple gyms and coached CrossFit® and weightlifting. He knows how easily you can injure, distress or strain your body, no matter how fit you are.

Tom managed his own osteopathy clinic in the south of England before joining Well Adjusted Osteopathy in 2019.

Tom enjoys prescribing rehabilitation exercises, especially for injuries related to fitness or lack of it. As well as being an awesome Osteopath and fitness trainer, Tom brings the perfect low-impact exercise (Pilates matwork) to patients whose weak posture is causing back or other pain.

He’s also qualified in dry needling techniques.

When he’s not CrossFit® training, cycling, swimming or playing golf, he’s walking his dog in the mountains.

Diploma of Osteopathy, British College of Osteopathic Medicine
• Bachelor of Science Osteopathy (Hons), British College of Osteopathic Medicine
• Qualified Pilates matwork teacher
• Trained in dry needling, taping and remedial massage
AHPRA registered
Osteopathy Australia member

Dr Nick Beram (Osteopath)

Dr Nick Beram

(Senior Osteopath)

Classic Osteo $140

Initial or Long Appointment $180

It says a lot about Nick that he saw the light and in 2020 moved his young family from Sydney to Canberra.

That’s not the only thing that impressed us about Nick. He also embodies the calibre of Osteopaths we love having on our Well Adjusted team.

Nick complements our team in every way: highly qualified, proven track-record as a clinical therapist, wholistic-focused, dedicated, flexible and adaptable. Being 100% guaranteed family-friendly as well, he’s our kind of Osteopath.

Nick’s been a physical therapist since 1999. Initially a certified massage therapist, Nick then qualified as an Osteopath. He’s spent the last 15 years as a practising Osteopath, primarily from his private practice in Lower North Shore Sydney.

Nick’s focus is on personalisation. He’s successfully treated labourers to office workers, pregnant women, seniors, athletes and others experiencing nagging to chronic pain. Nick is incredibly friendly and within no time at all you will feel like you have known him forever.

How will Nick help you? Nick first ‘finds the person within the patient’ to fully identify the cause of your pain or discomfort. He then provides a truly considered, individualised, professional treatment plan to help relieve your pain and ultimately give your body the best opportunity to rehabilitate and restore itself.

As time goes on, we expect our beautiful Canberra region will have a similar therapeutic effect on Nick and his loved ones.

  • Diploma of Health Science (Massage Therapy), Meadowbank TAFE
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathic Studies), University of Western Sydney
  • Master of Osteopathy, University of Western Sydney
  • AHPRA registered
  • Osteopathy Australia Member


Who is our massage therapist?

Michelle Cochrane  (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Michelle is passionate about improving the lives of others, through her modalities of remedial massage and aromatherapy.

Michelle has a strong focus on the mind-body connection and a deep understanding of the effects that both physical injury and mental stress can have on overall wellbeing. Her massage style is gentle, caring and effective, helping her clients to switch off mentally  encouraging the body to naturally relax and heal.

Having walked away from corporate life after experiencing burnout, she empathises deeply with her clients – understanding the stresses and strains of modern life and how they effect our emotional and physical health.

Michelle is a professional in her field with extensive experience and formal qualifications. She has had the opportunity to work with elite sports players and has learned from some of the greatest teachers and experts in aromatherapy.

If you are ready to take back control of your life, to walk away from stress and anxiety, ease chronic pain and embrace true wellness, Michelle would love to work with you.

Michelle is a valued member of our team and works collaboratively with the other gifted healers at Well Adjusted Osteopathy.  She contributes towards a holistic approach, offering our clients the best possible care, so that they can experience the happiest and healthiest version of their lives.

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Cert IV Aromatherapy
  • Diploma of Aromatic Science
  • Cert IV Food Coaching
  • Certificate of Attainment in Reflexology
  • Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

  • Associate Member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists

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