Pregnancy and Osteopathy


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You might ask, “Can I visit an osteopath when I am pregnant?” In a nutshell, yes, osteopathy might help alleviate some of the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy.

Is pain common in pregnancy?

Whether you’re a first-time mum-to-be or this is a subsequent pregnancy, each pregnancy is different.

For some of us, pregnancy triggers aches and pains we’ve not previously encountered. This can come as a shock, especially if we’re normally super-fit and healthy.

Your hormones are driving extraordinary changes. Changes to soft-tissue, muscles and joints can trigger lower back, pelvic and pubic pain, neck and shoulder tension and headaches, and put your posture at risk.

How can osteopathy help in pregnancy?

Osteopathy may help alleviate pregnancy pain and protect you from subsequent pain.

We modify treatments to suit your pregnant body, making treatment easy and comfortable, while providing a drug free alternative to pain management.

We help correct small mechanical disorders which, if untreated, are exacerbated by your changing weight and centre of gravity. Optimum joint function and spinal balance can help your body adapt to changes through each trimester.

Osteopathy also keeps your pelvis and lower back freely moving which may assist in the birth process.

What if I’m planning a C-Section?

If you’re having a C-Section, osteopathy is still recommended.

If you’ve prepared your joints and muscles, your body quickly adjusts to new postural demands. Protecting your posture during breastfeeding, and while lifting and carrying your baby, baby-capsule, cots and prams is as important as doing so during pregnancy.

Osteopathy might assist in minimising the energy-draining effect of pain when you need all your energy for you and your newborn.

We are osteopaths with an interest in pregnancy-adapted osteopathy for your child-bearing year. If you have any questions about suitable treatments for your pregnancy, we’re here to answer them.

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