Why does the experience of pain vary so much between individuals? And why does some pain linger and other pain quickly disappear?

Pain is our body’s way of alerting us to protect ourselves from something that’s causing damage. Pain can also be caused by degenerative conditions such as aging, but not always. Many people age without pain, even when their bodies experience degeneration.

Pain that continues long after our damaged tissues have healed, (or after further damage has been prevented), is called chronic pain.

This type of pain typically persists for longer than three months. It’s as if our brain’s pain-messaging system becomes stuck and so continues in a never-ending loop, unaware that action has been taken to protect ourselves. We can liken it to a fire alarm continuing to ring after the smoke or fire is under control. The pain is real even though there’s no reason for it to continue.


What’s OldPain2Go® Pain Therapy?

OldPain2Go® chronic pain treatment takes the form of a counselling session. The Q & A format helps you discover why your pain persists when the need for pain messages no longer exists.

Ali Simmons, our OldPain2Go® practitioner, is an Osteopath with over twenty years’ experience. Ali’s seen and treated pain in all its forms and knows that for some patients, pain mysteriously continues beyond what’s deemed a ‘normal’ healing period. She’s also seen how effective* OldPain2Go can be in such cases.

Ali conducts your hands-off treatment over two appointments. They’re similar to counselling sessions. During the sessions, Ali helps you discover why your pain persists when the pain messages are no longer needed. Your OldPain2Go® treatment may also help with pain that’s triggered by emotional stress.

If you truly want to move beyond chronic pain, chronic fatigue or even fibromyalgia, seeing Ali for OldPain2Go® treatment may help, and it may change your life for the better.


Unsure if OldPain2Go® is for you?

If you’re unsure if OldPain2Go® would be a suitable pain treatment for you, phone Ali on 1300 678 360 and arrange a free, 15-minute consult to talk about your situation.

Ali may advise a regular osteopathy session if it’s more appropriate in your case. As a Registered Osteopath, Ali is trained to diagnose and treat you or refer you to other health professionals if needs be. Ali won’t recommend OldPain2Go® if other pain management treatment is likely to be more effective.


The story of OldPain2Go®

OldPain2Go® was developed by Steven Blake, a UK holistic health practitioner who’s helped hundreds of chronic pain patients move beyond their pain when they’d previously given up hope.

Because no evidence-based studies about its effectiveness have yet been undertaken, OldPain2Go® currently sits in the field of ‘holistic healthcare’.

Even without evidence-based data, hundreds of patients who’ve had success with OldPain2Go® treatment now sing its praises. You can view over a hundred patient video testimonials and find more information on the official OldPain2Go® website.


The success of pain therapy can vary from person to person and can’t be guaranteed. Patients must be motivated and committed to changing their relationship with chronic pain. To book an OldPain2Go® treatment, you must have previously been assessed by a medical professional and experienced your pain for over three months.