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Yes We’re OPEN!

We’re allied healthcare clinicians in South Canberra and we’re OPEN

ACT Health requests we stay open in the COVID-19 ‘Stay Home’ period

We continue to help you with pain diagnosis, pain treatment and pain management

If you’re in pain, book your in-person or telehealth appointment online here or phone us on 0434 347 117

Unsure which type of appointment to book? Get fully informed with our dedicated COVID-19 Updates page


Welcome to our dedicated COVID-19 ‘Stay Home’ information page.

This page tells you what’s happening at our osteopathy clinic during the ‘Stay Home’ period. It also helps you make informed decisions about which appointment type to choose, in-person or telehealth.

Four reasons we’re open during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. ACT Health encourages us to stay open and provide pain diagnostic, pain treatment and pain management services for you during the current ‘Stay Home’ period.

2. As an allied healthcare clinic in South Canberra, by staying open we’re helping prevent patient overload on Canberra doctors’ surgeries and hospitals as well as helping our front line medical services maintain the capacity to accept COVID-19 and other medical emergencies as they arise.

3. As Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) registered, university qualified practitioners with specialised expertise, we’re working hard to keep you healthy during these unprecedented times. This includes continuing to offer hands-on treatments with the highest standards of COVID-19 hygiene.

4. We’re able to offer you telehealth video or phone consultations instead of in-person consults if you can’t (or don’t want to) attend in person.

How do you know it’s safe to come to the clinic?

To help you make an informed decision about attending the clinic, below we’ve outlined the ways we safeguard your wellbeing and minimise your exposure to COVID-19 at an in-person appointment.

Remember, it’s your decision to choose between an in-person appointment OR a telehealth appointment. These decisions are very personal and will need your consideration. We’ll never pressure you to come to the clinic if you don’t want to. Read on for more information.

How we safeguard your wellbeing if you come to the clinic

As healthcare professionals, we’re meticulous in our response to COVID-19. We’re guided by the current information issued by ACT Health

We monitor both Australian Government and ACT Health Department advice multiple times a day. We make changes to our clinical practice immediately if the advice changes.

We’re a small clinic and we quickly adapt to any recommended changes.

We’ll only stay open if the benefits to you outweigh any risk to either you or to our practitioners.

We’re regulated allied healthcare professionals. We adhere to the strictest health guidelines because we care about you and our purpose is to help you with pain management through these challenging times.

By adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and clinical practice, we’re ensuring that community transmission between our patients and practitioners is avoided. At the time of publishing, no COVID-19 cases in the ACT have resulted from community transmission. All current cases are linked to overseas travel or resulted from close contact with confirmed cases. (There is one case under investigation where a source of transmission hasn’t been identified.)

What we’re doing to keep our clinic COVID-19-free

Our clinic is regularly cleaned and sanitised to the Australian Government’s environmental cleaning and disinfection standards for COVID-19.

Alison has completed her Australian Government Department of Health Infection Control Training–COVID-19 training.

We’re refusing to accept bookings by people most at risk of having come into contact with the virus. That is, anyone who’s recently returned from overseas or anyone who’s been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Our telehealth appointments minimise the risk of exposure between you and the clinic. Telehealth is perfect for patients who are vulnerable to the virus or who are in quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

As healthcare professionals, we don’t expose ourselves to unnecessary risk of contracting COVID-19.

We’ve changed the way we structure appointments: Existing osteopathy appointments will not exceed 30 minutes, of which 15 minutes will be the maximum time for hands-on treatment. The rest of the appointment (health screening, advice, exercise prescription etc) will be conducted in accordance with the current guidelines for social distancing. New osteopathy appointments will not exceed 40 minutes, of which 15 minutes will be the maximum time allowed for hands-on treatment. The rest of the appointment will also be conducted in accordance with the current guidelines for social distancing i.e. 1.5 metres between practitioner and patient. Read the social distancing guidelines here.

We allow a ten minute window between each patient during which we thoroughly clean and sanitise our clinic rooms according to Health Department guidelines.

If one or more practitioners are simultaneously working in the clinic, appointments are staggered so you won’t meet another patient in any communal areas.

Practitioners wash and sanitise their hands in accordance with COVID-19 health guidelines (at a minimum, once at the start and once at the end of your appointment).

Practitioners are temperature-checked each day and we may ask to check your temperature before your in-person appointment.

How you can help us, so we can continue to help you

When you arrive, we’ll ask you to wash your hands in hot water with our hospital grade hand soap.

Before, during and after your appointment we’ll ask you to use the hand sanitiser we’ve provided around the clinic. This keeps points of contact in the clinic virus-free, and keeps our clinic, practitioners, you and your loved ones safer.

If you’re…
elderly (especially with chronic health conditions)
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander with chronic medical conditions
experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 …DO NOT book an in-person appointment (choose telehealth instead).

If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside the clinic until your appointment time.

Please give us as much notice as possible if you change or cancel your appointment so we can allocate your appointment to another patient.

Pay for your appointment at the time of booking in the online appointment booking system. We use Stripe, a secure payment processing. After your payment, a receipt is immediately issued to allow online health fund claims.

If you’re experiencing pain, but can’t come into the clinic, be sure to book a telehealth appointment. More about telehealth here.

What’s the best way to book your osteopathy appointment during the ‘StayHome’ period?

It’s easy to book your appointment with Well Adjusted Osteopathy. First decide what type of appointment you prefer:

in-person (where you come into the clinic and see your practitioner in person) or

telehealth (where we consult you on a video or phone call).

Book in-person or telehealth appointments online at https://welladjustedosteo.com.au/online-bookings/ 


click BOOK NOW (found on the top of every Well Adjusted Osteopathy webpage).

You can also book by phone 0434 347 117 (our phone number can also be found on every web page, top left).