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Whether you’re currently working from a dedicated workplace or working from home (WFH) we can help you achieve optimum ergonomics within the confines of your current workspace.


Why would you need a workplace or WFH ergonomics assessment?

Even if you’re not yet experiencing any pain or discomfort, poorly-designed work ergonomics put you at risk of developing musculoskeletal strains and sprains, some of which lead to long-term pain or injury.

We provide remote workplace ergonomics assessments in two ways: via a telehealth appointment or during your in-person osteopathy consult. We’ll address any concerns and discuss ways to improve your workplace ergonomics.

  • Are you sitting at a desk for most of your work day?
  • Worried you’re not using the best home office ergonomic chair?
  • Do you perform repetitive tasks for long periods, such as keyboarding, driving or machine operating?
  • What about awkward postures and movements such as reaching, twisting, shifting or lifting items?


When you understand how to integrate variety into your workplace tasks and postures, you can break poor workplace practises and prevent health problems before they occur.


Who benefits most from workplace ergonomics assessments?

  • If you’re working in a dedicated home office or temporarily WFH, our workplace ergonomics assessment is designed for you.
  • If your workplace is a vehicle, our vehicle ergonomic assessment is tailored to drivers, driver educators/trainers and anyone who has specific musculoskeletal complaints or limitations when driving.

These assessments are especially valuable if you have no access to workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) assessors. 

Ideally, whether your consultation is by telehealth (online) or in-person at our clinic, the best time to book your ergonomics assessment is before you experience any pain or discomfort. By being fully informed, you maximise the benefits of best-practice ergonomics and prevent the need for pain-management treatment that may result from poor workplace conditions and practises.


What will your ergonomic assessment involve?

In this consultation, our practitioner assesses your computer-based (or other) workstation and home office ergonomics and makes suggestions to prevent or minimise risk factors.

Your practitioner is able to do this either from photographs you’ve provided or from discussions and analysis during your consult. They then identify when and where other factors may be impacting your work performance and health, providing clear advice and guidelines to keep you safe and maximise your wellbeing at work.

In this assessment, we:

  • assess your job tasks and how you perform them
  • assess your current working postures and ergonomic work environment (this involves assessment of the desk, chair, computer and other desk accessories)
  • educate and advise you on how to adjust your work chair and desk accessories to improve your work ergonomics
  • educate and advise you on how to improve your sitting posture and work behaviours to reduce risk of musculoskeletal strains and sprains


The vehicle workplace assessment

This consultation allows our practitioner to assess your vehicle and related work environment and make suggestions to prevent or minimise risk factors.

Our vehicle postural assessment report includes:

  • discussing specific issues you have with the vehicle, if any
  • our assessment of your current vehicle set up